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Terraproject is an italian photographic collective focused on reportages founded in 2006: the group was awarded with the notorious World Press Photo prize in 2009 and has published its work in various magazines and newspapers around the world. The Blitz! group (which i’m part of) has organized a meeting with Simone Donati, one of the members of the collective, about reportage; we are really interested in their way of doing reportages today and we appreciate their way to find new ways to fund their projects.

One particular project has caught our eyes: it’s the follow-up of the long-term project by Rocco Rorandelli about the tobacco industry and its impact worldwide; the first part of the project, concerning the asian tobacco industry, has already been published in several magazines with great success. The next step will be an old tobacco giant: the USA; for this work Rocco decided to try a new form of funding, called crowdfund, where funding is taken from small donations from single users or small organizations. Blitz! already did his part with a 100 dollars donation; we think that this is a really interesting project: it has the important mission to unveil the interests and the tricks used by the tobacco industries to get as more people as they can into addiction, as well as the ecological impacts of their activities.

Below the project presentation’s video

So, you have just 4 days to make your donation and be part of this amazing project!