I was Born in the middle of the ’80s in the city of Prato, Italy. Here’s some factoids about myself:

As a scientist:

I’ve got a degree in Biotechnology, a master and a PhD in Bioinformatics; I’m currently working as a post-doc Boston University in the lab of Mo Khalil. You can check my publications list in this page.

Other interests:

I’m interested in programming (mostly Python) and electronics (Arduino). You can check my open-sourced software on GitHub.

For some time I’ve worked as a sport photographer at Plastic sport pictures, while I was working in solitude in my darkroom in my spare time. In 2010 I founded the Blitz! photography collective, located in Prato, Italy, where I contributed to exhibitions and where I held courses on photographic digital manipulation. At the same time I’ve worked on two projects regarding China (Post no bills, Totem and Two chinas), the former being shown in several exhibitions in Tuscany and the latter being recognized at the 2011 Fucecchio photo festival.

I’ve also got interested in DIY electronics and circuit bending: I’m part of a collective that creates music instruments from old toys, called Girls & Boys Like Toys. Our EP has been released by Lowtoy (listen to it)