Cover alternativa per “Teoria della classe disagiata”

Una cover alternativa per “Teoria della classe disagiata” di Raffaele Alberto Ventura. Nella versione in inglese di questo post ho provato a spiegare di cosa parla questo saggio e come sarebbe interessante vederlo tradotto perché se ne parli il più possibile perlomeno in Europa. Per fortuna scrittori migliori di me hanno letto e commentato il libro, per cui mi limito a lasciare alcuni link per chi volesse approfondire, invece di tradurre la mia pasticciata spiegazione. Buona lettura!

Copertina originale

Alternative cover for “Teoria della classe disagiata”

An alternative cover for “Teoria della classe disagiata” by Raffaele Alberto Ventura (which I guess can be translated as “Theory of the uneasiness of the middle class”, although the original title is a pun). A really thought-provocative essay describing the decline young middle class, especially from southern Europe. The book goes a long way to try to explain the causes why our generation is facing a worse socioeconomic perspective than the one of our parents, even though it does so via a really broad view on capitalism and economy, which is hard to prove or confute. Despite its limits the book really succeeds in describing the “gambling” mechanism by which the middle class acquires “positional goods” in order to have a better chance of climbing the crowded social ladder, despite the economic crisis has effectively transformed this process into something more similar to a lottery. I would love to see it translated in other languages so that this very original point of view finally gets discussed in the perspective of the future of the European union and hoping to inspire new forms of class solidarity.

The original cover