Post no bills (2010)

“Divieto di affissione” is the first work of a series concerning the so-called “chinese century” in its many aspects; this specific work is focused on the relationship between my hometown (Prato, Italy) and the big chinese community that has been present since the ’90s. This community has always been seen as a problem rather than an opportunity, since it started to grow in the dusk of the manifacturing industry and also because the integration of a culture that is so different it’s not so easy. To better explain this specific point i’ve taken a series of pictures of some of the many writings that you can find on the walls of the local chinatown, most likely job offers; while these writings may look quite normal to a chinese citizien, to us they appear exotic, mysterious or, in the case of the local municipality, a crime. One day a tiny layer of white paint has been added to these walls in order to try to hide those writings, with limited success but adding an additional sense of mystery and a metaphorical view on the complex relationship of the chinese people with the rest o the city.

These work was exhibited in Prato, Pistoia and Florence during 2010 and has won a small prize.