Two chinas (2010)

This is the second work from the “Chinese century” series; as the title may suggest the concept is the dualistic nature of modern China.

Since the voyage of Marco Polo to the court of Kublai Khan, China has always been correlated with magnificence, deep wiseness and uncontaminated nature; all aspects of one of the oldest cultures in the history of mankind.
Modern travellers can still feel the same wonder and feel as they are contemplating the same empire as Marco Polo did.
The 21st century has been regarded as the “Chinese century” because of the strong economical growth of China and for its central role in the world industrial production; these growth has produced, on the other hand, a severe impact on the environment , a great difference between the population in the cities and in the countrysides and a strong control by the government.

This work has been mentioned in the 2011 Fucecchio Photo festival