I like to code; i mainly work with the Python language, which is easy to learn and to work with, but i can also code with other languaes (C++, Java and so on); i deploy my code to GitHub.

Here’s a list of my developed (and public available) softwares:

  • CONTIGuator: map draft genomes to closed ones to gain structural insights and PCR primers!
  • DuctApe: link together genomics and phenomics experiments
  • RunnerPyzza: an easy to use queue system for laboratory networks
  • BlitzQuotes: a really simple Android application to show some quotes from the Blitz! crew.
  • DemonicDevice: a way to animate your role-playing Cthulhu game
  • AbstractFFT: abstract “paintings” with Fourier transform tricks
  • Medusa-webserver: general purpose webserver for small bioinformatics software